VIZIO E470i-A0 47-inch 1080p 120Hz LED Smart HDTV

VIZIO E470i-A0 47-inch 1080p 120Hz LED Smart HDTV

  Introducing the new E-series slim frame design. The VIZIO 47-InchClass LED Smart TV is shattering the mold in a way only VIZIO can, with high-quality design and picture at the best value. Enjoy crystal-clear action and eye-popping images in 1080p Full HD and 120Hz effective refresh rate. A stunningly slim outer frame lets you enjoy TV with a narrower border around the picture for a more immersive experience. VIZIO Internet Apps with built-in Wi-Fi gives you instant access to a world of streaming movies, TV shows, music, and more all with the push of a button on the smart remote. The VIZIO E-Series 47-InchClass LED Smart TV gives you more of what you love about TV with all the brilliant picture quality and world-class service you’d expect from America’s LCD HDTV Company.

Product Features

  • VIZIO Internet Apps Instantly enjoy online movies, TV shows, music, apps and more
  • LED technology for richer colors and more vivid details
  • With Stand Inches: 42.31″W x 26.89″H x 9.04″D
  • Without Stand Inches: 42.31″W x 25.06″H x 3.23″D
  • 120Hz effective refresh rate for stunning picture quality


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Kris says:

    Best 60 inch LED for the price I had been patiently waiting for this TV to become available via Amazon, mainly because of the unbelievably low price and good review given on CNET, but got tired of waiting and ended up purchasing this TV on 10/13 from Costco. They had just gotten a shipment in that day and once I saw it in the store, I knew I needed to get it. CNET had mentioned that the off angle viewing was not as good on this set when compared to LEDs from other manufacturers, but I haven’t had any problems viewing this TV even from extreme angles. The TV was not quite as bright as the LG next to it at the store, but I believe this was mainly due to the matte finish of the screen. The LG had a glossy screen which made the picture very bright, but it also reflected literally everything behind it. My TV is now set up in a very sunny living room and the glare is minimal. Much better than the 37 inch Sharp LCD it replaced. For those looking for a basement TV, a glossy TV or a plasma might be the way to go, but for me, the matte finish was the best option. The TV has an extremely thin bezel which I really appreciated because it allowed me to get a 60 inch screen size out of a TV that takes up the same space as many 55 inch units. Out of the box, the colors were pretty good, but I am still hoping to find detailed color settings posted by CNET or elsewhere. If anyone has a good link, please share :) The smart features work reasonably well. Amazon Prime and Netflix both ran just fine. My only complaint so far is with the Amazon Prime interface. It is very paired down when compared to the version offered over my PS3 and it took a long time to browse titles. If you know what movie you want though, you can simply use the search function. So far, I am completely satisfied with this set and for anyone debating between a $1000 LG or Samsung 55 inch and this 60 inch Vizio, I would highly suggest getting the Vizio. I was really surprised at how much larger the screen size was when compared to the 55s next to it at the store and the sharpness and clarity of the picture was comparable to the LGs and Samsungs costing several hundred more. Costco is currently selling this set for $979, so hopefully Amazon will price match once it gets in stock.***Update***I found detailed picture settings for this TV posted by katzmaier on CNET and thought would I pass it along for others to try. Shutting off the back light control and ambient light sensor features definitely brightened up the picture.—Picture settings menu—Picture Mode: MovieBacklight: 53Brightness: 50Contrast: 75Color: 51Tint: 0Sharpness: 0—Size & Position submenu—[no change]—Color Temperature submenu—Colour temperature: NormalRed Gain: 104Green Gain: 115Blue gain: 130Red offset: 129Green offset: 130Blue offset: 132–Advanced Picture submenu—Smooth motion effect: OffReal Cinema Mode: Smooth [grayed out]Noise Reduction: OffMPEG NR: OffColor Enhancement: OffAdaptive Luma: OffFilm Mode: AutoBacklight Control: OffAmbient Light sensor: Off

  2. Anthony V. Mumolo says:

    Stellar Performance I’ve had my Vizio E701i-A3 for about a month and I have been tweaking various settings the entire time to arrive at what I consider the best picture. I used two blu ray calibration discs; Digital Video Essentials and Spears and Munsil. The end result image with a high quality input source is jaw dropping. Colors are rich and beautifully rendered; clarity and detail are exactly what I would expect from a world class display. Even watching movies I’ve seen before is a revelation and a totally new experience.Just a few years ago I would have expected to pay as much as $3000.00 or more to get this kind of performance. To say I’m happy with this TV is an understatement. I’ve been a home theater enthusiast for over sixteen years and this set is the end point of my home theater evolution. With this display I feel I have the best theater experience I’ve ever had and it beats every walk in theater presentation I’ve seen. If anyone has not taken the time to properly calibrate ANY HDTV they should not be posting opinions on the quality of the display since NO display set at factory defaults will render the best visual experience in a home environment setting. It takes a willingness to invest some time and effort if you really want to see what the display is capable of. I can’t comment on the audio aspect of this set because I run all my sound all the time through my surround speaker system. BTW, It is not possible to evaluate a display in a very bright store environment alongside other displays because you have no idea how each display is set up. A display can look like crap in the store and look absolutely beautiful when properly calibrated in your home. In a store they are set to stand out and get your attention not to be accurate and they are almost always using a split source so the same signal is not reaching every display equally; this can mislead you into thinking one display looks better than the others. About the only thing you can evaluate accurately in a store is viewing angle.For what it’s worth I’m including my calibrated settings although as always they may differ from other set ups depending on room environment and personal taste. I started with contrast at 75 and sharpness set at “1″ but after repeated critical viewing I found I actually got a better picture with my current settings. I also found Adaptive Luma set at medium created a better picture than set to off. Personal preference comes into play on this setting and the sharpness setting as well. I spent a lot of time watching the same demonstration material over and over again to be certain I was getting exactly the picture I wanted. In my opinion this is a great HDTV and a great VALUE.So here are my E70 settings and my system components.Yamaha RX-V465 ReceiverOppo BD-P83 Blu Ray Universal playerInfinity RS3 Front speakers and Infinity center channel speakerBose surround speakersPicture Mode: MovieBacklight 60Brightness 50Contrast 72Color: 49tint 0Sharpness +2Color temperature NormalRed Gain: 106Green gain: 107Blue gain: 116Red offset: 128Green offset: 128Blue offset: 128Smooth motion effect: LowReal cinema mode: SmoothNoise reduction: offmpeg fr: offColor enhancement: offAdaptive Luma: MediumFilm mode: autoBacklight control: offAmbient Light sensor: off

  3. S. P. Linke says:

    LCD panel failures & audio sync problems (now addressed with warranty extension and firmware update) PROS- Big and bright; nice color; matte screen for bright rooms- 4 HDMI inputs- Thin and very attractive minimalist glossy black frame (less than 1″ wide)- Built-in WiFi and DLNA; most of the popular subscription-based smart apps- Great valueCONS- High LCD panel failure rate (On 2/8/2013, Vizio publicly acknowledged this and is addressing the problem. See below for details.)- Severe audio-video sync problems (In mid-January 2013, Vizio released a firmware update to fix this issue. See below for details.)- Still some glare in bright room- Takes about 18 seconds to “boot up” from power on- Only one shared composite/component input for older devices- Slightly gray blacks and somewhat uneven back-lighting, although this likely varies between individual units- DLNA and smart-app implementations are very crude (you are probably better off getting a dedicated device to do these, like a Roku or Apple TV)- Ports hard to access on back, which is particularly a problem for the USB port, if you want to plug and unplug (somewhat inherent in thin flat-panel TVs)LCD PANEL FAILURE ISSUEMany owners, including me, were reporting a problem where the image would disappear but the backlight and sound would remain on. This required full replacement of the TV. On 2/8/2013, Vizio acknowledged this problem in a “special bulletin” revealing that a bad batch of chips were installed in units with serial numbers ranging from LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300. It also affects a range of the 70″ E701i-A3 models. Vizio extended the warranty from one to two years for that specific problem. However, Vizio said it was “promptly” and “proactively” contacting registered customers about the possible issue, but, disappointingly, there is no evidence that they have done this beyond the bulletin and a blog post.AUDIO-VIDEO SYNC ISSUEMany people were reporting a variety of audio-video sync problems, particularly with cable boxes and Dolby Digital audio. Vizio initially blamed the cable boxes and had people set them to output PCM audio (rather than Dolby Digital). Unfortunately, that downgraded the audio to two channels only. However, in mid-January 2013, Vizio released a firmware update (version 1.1.5, which can be seen under Menu>Help>System Info>Version) that allegedly fixes the problem.Also, the Vizio seems more sensitive than average to different HDMI cables. Video periodically drops out completely (screen flashes to black for a few seconds) with cables that work fine with other displays.QUALITY/CUSTOMER SERVICEWhen my first unit failed with the LCD panel problem after only 23 days of use, I was very disappointed that Vizio initially only offered to replace it with a “recertified” unit. After a great deal of insistence, they agreed to send a new one.In addition, when I communicated with them about the audio-video sync problem, I was disappointed that they were blaming my cable box that worked fine with my other displays, and that they insisted that I downgrade to two-channel audio to “fix” their problem. In my online chat, the Vizio representative stated the following: “The newer TVs that we manufacturer are set up for PCM rather than Dolby Digital. So it is not a defect in the TV, you will just have to connect it a different way.”I have mixed feelings at this point.