Rit Sun Guard Laundry Treatment UV Protectant – Six Pack

Rit Sun Guard Laundry Treatment UV Protectant – Six Pack

  Sun Guard puts an invisible shield into clothing that helps block more than 96% of the Sun’s harmful rays from reaching your skin! Your clothes may not offer enough protection from harmful UV Rays from the Sun. For example, a typical white T-shirt is rated UPF 5. A single treatment with Sun Guard boosts its rating to UPF 30. It won’t change the color or comfort of clothing. One treatment is good for repeated washings. It’s safe for the whole family. Safe for all washable fabrics. Will not add sun protection to 100% polyester and acrylic fabrics. We have packaged this item in 6 packs. Each box provides enough protectant for one laundry cycle.


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  1. Eric says:

    Front Load washers I guess the product is good, who can say for sure I never really burned thru my shirts before Sun Guard usage but I guess it can’t hurt. If you have a front load washer you will need to disolve the product first in hot water then start you washer without the clothes let some water fill then hit “add a garment” then add the disolved Sun Guard (In hot water) then close the door and start the washer again let it continue to fill and mix then “add a garment” again and add clothes and extend the soil/wash time so the washer stays in the wash cycle for at least 15 minutes. Not really that hard once you do it a couple times. I had to think about this for a few minutes to get a game plan, I hope this helps some of you. Good luck

  2. K. Petzoldt says:

    A must buy! I come from a family of caucasians, many of us with skin cancer as early as our twenties.After that family history, we ALL now use this! What a top of the line product! It does not change the texture of the clothing or anything, just makes it safer! I even use it on my baby’s clothes and she has no reaction!I HIGHLY suggest this product for everyone – why not add something to your laundry that could save your life?

  3. Kristin V says:

    TOO EXPENSIVE If you go to Rit’s website you can get Sunguard for $1.95 for 1 packet, $5.95 for 3 packets or $11.94 for 6 packets. It’s a good product, but you don’t have to pay this amount!