GOgroove FlexSMART X3 Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Enhanced Clarity Technology for Wireless Handsfree Calling , Audio / Music Playback , and USB Charging in Your Car or Vehicle ** Includes Micro USB Charger & 3.5mm Audio Cables! **

GOgroove FlexSMART X3 Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Enhanced Clarity Technology for Wireless Handsfree Calling , Audio / Music Playback , and USB Charging in Your Car or Vehicle ** Includes Micro USB Charger & 3.5mm Audio Cables! **

  All New GOgroove FlexSMART X3 Wireless FM Bluetooth Transmitter

Unsurpassed Performance
As successor to the incredible FlexSmart X2, the GOgroove FlexSMART X3 has been completely redesigned to offer an even greater Bluetooth solution! AUTO-SCAN automatically finds an ideal FM station, and easy-pairing lets you sync in seconds! Simply hold down the blue phone button for 5 seconds (lights will start flashing) & select ‘FLEXSMART X3′ in your Bluetooth menu. A2DP enhanced clarity technology provides crystal clear audio!

Quality & Style
Boasting features like USB charging port (Micro USB charger cable incl.) and auxiliary LINE-IN & LINE-OUT, you can charge nearly any device *, connect wired audio devices, & equip your car stereo with stunning Bluetooth connectivity through its Line-In AUX jack. The redesigned, ultra-sleek form factor & ALL NEW Precision Button Controls make for a truly beautiful device that compliments any vehicle. Fine tuning your wireless audio experience is easier & more convenient than ever before! Have confidence in your purchase – backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

Compatible With:

Smartphones , MP3 Players & Tablets: Apple iPhone 5 , 4S , 4 , 3GS , iPod Touch , iPad / Samsung: Galaxy S4 , S3 , S III mini , Note 2 , Fame , Young , Stellar , S2 , Galaxy S Player 5.0 , 4.2 , 4.0 , 3.6 / Google Nexus 10 / HTC: ONE , DROID DNA , One X+ , X , Desire , 8X , 8S / Microsoft: Surface RT , Pro / Motorola: RAZR M , MAXX HD , i , MAXX , Electrify M / LG: Google Nexus 4 , Optimus G Pro , G , Elite , 4X , Intuition , Xpression / Nokia: Lumia 920 , 820 , 720 , 900 / Blackberry: Z10 , Curve , Storm , Torch / Sony: Xperia Z , ZL , T , S , P , U / ASUS Google Nexus 7

…and more devices by Kyocera , Huawei , Pantech , ZTE , Mach Speed & others!

*1A; Some may require OEM USB Mini, 30-Pin or Lightning Cable to charge.

Product Features

  • The NEW & improved X3 equips your car with Bluetooth technology, delivering enhanced audio clarity and easy pairing technology for seamless handsfree calling, stunning wireless audio playback, and ultimate Bluetooth performance!
  • With a sleek & completely redesigned form-factor, the FlexSMART X3 features low profile port placement, flexible neck, and ultra chic styling
  • Introducing precision button controls – featuring volume, station tuning, track control, play/pause, Auto-Scan, and integrated LCD Display Answer / End Call buttons to let you fine tune an incredible audio experience
  • Onboard features include a universal USB charging port, AUX Line-In to connect non Bluetooth devices, and Line-Out to enable your car with Bluetooth technology through the stereo AUX-In jack!
  • Unmatched Quality – the FlexSMART X3 is backed by the GOgroove Audio 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!


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  1. Amazon Junkie says:

    An Excellent Choice First of all I know this is a “product” review but I’ve got to mention the shipping aspect. I chose the free shipping and actually received the item 4 days ahead of schedule. Felt that was well worth mentioning. As far as the actual product, it’s amazing. I had the Flexsmart X2 and had the same problem as the first reviewer….it wouldn’t play through all my car speakers. But I’ve had no issues with the X3. The sound is friggin’ amazing. I’ve tried several FM transmitters and this one is by far the best. Music through the Bluetooth connection sounds just like cd quality….crisp and clear with good bass. Just sounds really full. Anyway, I do agree that the thing is ugly, but I drive an ’06 Camry so I’m certainly not going to impress the ladies with my FM transmitter. Anyway, the cosmetics aren’t enough to throw it out, the performance is too good to do that (hey that line works in a lot of situations). Crap, sorry, back to the review….it’s simple to pair with your phone. I have an iPhone 5 and it literally paired in seconds. You don’t have to press anything on the unit to make it “ready” to pair. It automatically shows up on your list of Bluetooth devices. It pairs back up to your phone again automatically ever time you turn the transmitter back on. I’ve used the handsfree calling a couple times…works great. I will say the light color behind the buttons is pretty cool. It’s that cool blue futuristic look…like something out of Tron Legacy. Of course as the description reads, it has a USB port to plug your phone in so you can charge it. That right there is a pretty stellar feature (you can pretty much throw your car charger in the glove box). All in all…this thing is well worth the price. Amazing (and I mean absolutely AMAZING) sound quality. You won’t be dissapointed….from Lil Wayne to Taylor Swift and from Eminem to someone singing you happy birthday on a handsfree phone call*…all your music will sound awesome.*Note: the level of awesomeness on the birthday song really depends on who is singing it…don’t blame the device if the person singing sounds like Pee-Wee Herman is choking himself.

  2. Shaun says:

    Much better than FlexSMART X2 I recently purchased the this company’s FlexSMART X2 and it turned out not to play stereo unless it was at full volume on the device. That was an issue because the sound was very distorted at times. I decided to give the X3 a chance in the hopes that the company made some updates to the design. It was a good decision as this device plays perfectly through my wife’s stereo and the voice quality is good too. If there was one nitpick it is the color. I would prefer a black version but I knew that when I bought the device. I would recommend this to anyone with a stereo that doesn’t have AUX in. Happy wife, happy life!

  3. Joel Dickson "Joel Dickson" says:

    The GOgroove X3 Is One Groovey Transmitter The GOgroove FlexSMART X3 is one great FM/Bluetooth transmitter. I have been using an iPhone 5 from AT&T with this product for about a month now.Overall Impression:This is one great product. The Bluetooth integration makes this super convenient. Just start your car up, have your phone in your pocket and the GOgroove starts playing your music and is ready to take incoming calls via the Bluetooth system.The sound quality is very good. The main reason I bought this was because I had a cassette with a cord to play the music on my iphone. But quite often it made this really annoying interference sound that electronics sometimes have on speakers. With this product there is no crazy beeping or bad noises.Connecting to a clear radio station is very easy. You just need to hold the middle button for a few seconds and it pics a new station. I live in the bay area so I need to change the station when I travel about every 30 miles. You do need to take some time and “try out” various F.M. stations. One station might be clear, but if you drive 10 minutes, it gets really fuzzy. I found a station that sounds great from my house to my school, about a 8 mile distance. I don’t need to keep changing the station to get a clear signal. Though when driving long distances, be prepared to change the station every once in a while to get a clear signal.You do need to turn up your volume on your car really high when listening to audiobooks or recordings. This in turn sometimes produces a little fuzzy sound in the background, but it doesn’t bother me much. If you get a really good station, no fuzzy sound is noticeable. One bummer is this device does not “remember” your volume setting. So when I listen to my audiobooks or recordings, every time I have to manually turn the devices volume up to max to get the best quality of sound. If someone from the company is reading this, please ADD this feature to your next device.The device looks nice in the car, I got a compliment from my girlfriend. :) She actually was interested in getting one because it “looks good” even-though she has an auxiliary port in her car! The blue accent lighting is quite nice, it adds a special “touch” at night.Call Quality:The call quality is good. I can hear the other person through my speakers easily. Also the people I am talking with say they can hear me clearly..no echoing has been found.Hidden surprises I found using the product:1. If you are listening to your ipod or even PANDORA, then the next time you start your car up, the device starts playing automatically. This is really nice because it saves time going through your device and starting up your music or audiobooks. It also pauses what you are listening to when you turn off the device or turn off your car.2. You don’t need to plug the cable from the phone to the GOgroove, it works via Bluetooth! Maybe it says this in the description, but it was a pleasant surprise to me. I thought the Bluetooth was only for the calling aspect.3. The Pause/Play button and skip forward or backward buttons on the GOgroove device work with my ipod (through my iphone) and on PANDORA via Bluetooth. This is great because now I just keep my phone in my pocket when I get in and out of my car. No more spending time fumbling around to connect my device (especially nice in the cold mornings) or forgetting my phone in the car.4. I won’t lose this thing! I keep it in my car, and vuala! I say this because I have owned Bluetooth headsets and I have either lost them or broke them because they are so small and delicate. Also when I did have my headset, I would wear it into the house from my car and forget it next time I drove my car and NEEDED to use it. Now I just turn on my car and I am “Bluetooth ready” to take calls.Overall this is a great alternative if you don’t have an auxiliary port or are looking for an alternative Bluetooth device to take calls in your car. You can message me with any questions you may have.