ION Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System with Auxiliary USB Charger

ION Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System with Auxiliary USB Charger

  Enjoy your music whenever and wherever you want. Tailgater Bluetooth is a portable sound system that includes speakers, amplifier, audio inputs and wireless Bluetooth technology all in one durable cabinet that has handles for easy transport. Tailgater Bluetooth has a built-in battery with a charge indicator, and will provide up to 50 hours of cordless sound. Or you can use the included power cord and rock out as long as you want. Tailgater Bluetooth’s enhanced bass output creates full, rich sound that’s perfect for a party, tailgating, or any other place you want to crank up your music.

Product Features

  • Portable loudspeaker system with integrated rechargeable battery and wired/wireless connectivity, medium size
  • Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices and more
  • Input for a microphone, instruments and other audio sources. High-quality microphone included.Built-in digital AM/FM radio and retractable antenna
  • This item is non returnable.


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  1. Rudy Sias says:

    Ion Tailgater Bluetooth – Much different than previous models I just received this from Gamestop (online) yesterday. Amazon has this as out of stock currently, and Costco is only carrying the non-Bluetooth Ion Block Rocker. As an owner of the previous Ion Tailgater (bought from Costco), there are some major differences between the older IPA17 (I’ll call this the 17 from now on) and the new IPA57 (The 57 from now on). First, the 57 has Bluetooth. Finally! The Bluetooth connectivity is easy. You turn on the unit, check your device (I have a Samsung Focus Windows Phone) and seconds later it appears as on option to pair.More differences. The 57 no longer has the Apple proprietary dock connector. Replacing that area, is a grooved channel to prop up your device or tablet. Note, your device is not secured. Also, just above and to the left of this channel is a USB port for charging your device. The controls of the 57 look much different than the 17. The 57 only has two knobs now, one for Mic volume, and one for Master Volume. The 17 had an additional knob for Aux Volume, but this is pointless because your device has its own volume control, and this means one less knob to worry about. The 57 now only has one mic input, where the 17 had 2. Additionally, the included Microphone does not feel as heavy or sturdy as the one included in the 17. In fact, the old Mic allowed you to unplug the cable to the Mic, where now, the Mic and cable are one piece. The 17 had a different Aux input setup, with Red/White audio connections on the front, now, the only input is just a single standard 3.5mm jack (Size of a standard headphone jack). A 3.5mm input was on the top of the 17, but with the 57, it’s on the front panel. The 57 also now includes a telescoping FM antenna, which the 17 didn’t have, but still picked up reasonably good FM signals without it. Also, one added new feature that I immediately noticed, is that the 57 now saves the last channel you were on upon shutdown. The previous 17 would forget your last radio station, and go back to 88.5 each time you powered down the unit. This was surprisingly annoying.I was considering either this new Tailgater Bluetooth, or the Jawbone Big Jambox. I have the smaller Jambox which is great for indoors and camping, but just isn’t loud enough for an actual noisy tailgate. The Big Jambox probably would be (I cranked it at an AT&T store indoors), but it’s twice the cost of the Tailgater Bluetooth.The Ion Tailgater is very loud. It features quite a bit of bass, and is built like a tank. It basically has what must amount to a car/marine battery inside the thing, so it weighs about 25 pounds and the battery lasts several hours. You will impress those around you. You can also use it as a loudspeaker at an event, it even looks like a small PA system or a guitar amp. This Saturday is our first tailgate with this new beast, I’ll update my review over time.

  2. Hickabilly "hickabilly" says:

    Good price and solid After reading some of the negative reviews on the different Tailgater speakers, I finally decided that every single product in this price range is basically a pot shot. Seems that all have a poor quality reputation. But I needed something and so I bought the ION IPA57 and rolled the dice.I am happy to say that it seems that I had a good roll. The system arrived in a box, within a box, within another padded box. It isn’t very heavy but all of that packing certainly ensured that it was not damaged in the least.First… why 4 stars instead of 5. Well… I can’t give something a 4.5. The system works very well, was already fully charged when I received it, and it quickly mated with my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy II by Bluetooth. But, the range of the Bluetooth is about 3 feet at the most. I have used both the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy II with my Windows 8 computer to play music across the Bluetooth and can get 10 to 15 feet away before any effect is heard. But with this speaker, you pretty much have to keep your source device very close to the unit. If you hold your pad in your hand and happen to turn so that your body is between the Tailgater and your pad, you lose all signal.But, how often am I going to have my pad away from the unit. It has a convenient slot so that I can put the pad on top of it and it holds it at a nice angle.Now, you can also connect the itty bitty cable … about 15 inches long but that leaves you tethered to the speaker.So, that is why I wanted to give it 4.5. From a sound quality, it is great. If you play it over Bluetooth, set your volume on your pad to about 50% to avoid the pad introducing distortion and use the speaker knob to get your volume. If you plug it into your headphone jack on your pad, you need to turn it up more on the pad to get the same volume from the speaker.It is a solidly built speaker, very simple to operate, and it works well. I have been using it for ambient music in the basement for about a week and it hasn’t had any of the failures in the electronics that the other reviews indicated and it doesn’t get hot when it is in use.So, I rolled the dice and happened to win.