Motorola Signal Booster 4-Port Cable Modem TV HDTV Amplifier with Active Return Cable Modem Boost

Motorola Signal Booster 4-Port Cable Modem TV HDTV Amplifier with Active Return Cable Modem Boost

  There is nothing worse than having a great TV to watch your favorite programs, while having a grainy or pixilated (digital cable) picture. Motorola BDA amplifiers give your TV signal a boost while maintaining full compatibility with all of your cable services. Simply install the BDA-K1/RA where your cable or antenna comes into your house and begin enjoying a better picture, faster downloads, and a more reliable HD or Digital TV signal. With a name like Motorola, how can you go wrong? The BDA-K1/RA is fully compatible with all cable TV standards, cable boxes, cable modems, routers, HDTV and more. Active return may not fix all of your problems if the product is not installed properly – or if the incoming cable signal is not problematic.

Product Features

  • The BDA-K4/RA is a bi-directional active return cable TV amplifier designed for use in homes. Boosts signal by 5x forward, 2x reverse.
  • An active return path boosts upstream signal for broadband devices such as set-top boxes and cable modems.
  • Active return should not be used unless Upstream Modem power level is greater than 45 dBmV.
  • Meets all applicable IEEE surge standards for all output ports, which enhances system reliability. Weather seal and protective coating allow use of the amplifier for indoor or outdoor applications. Connection cables not included.
  • NOT FOR USE WITH SATELLITE DISH SYSTEMS. It will block the signal between the dish and receiver.


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  1. Edgar Kuck says:

    Excellent performance Motorola BDA-K4-RA Active Return Amplifier exhibited excellent performance and quality. Prior to installation, my Motorola SB6120 Cable Modem exhibited intermittent disconnects as a result of a weak upstream signal between the Comcast system street amplifier and the Modem. As is the usual case with intermittent problems, the system was operational when the Comcast Technician visited although it was determined that the signal was on the weak side but within Comcast specifications. The actual Upstream modem signal at the time was +54 dbmV, near the modem dropout limits. Ideal specifications should be within +40 to +50 dbmV.After installing this active amplifier, new Upstream values measured +45 dbmV, exactly within ideal spec. Downstream values were boosted +10dbm from a previous -1 dbmV to a +9dbmV, both values within specifications of -15 to +15dbmV. TV signals also improved eliminating digital pixilation or freezing as had sometimes occurred in the past. Signal to Noise ratio remained at +38db, before and after, well above the ideal spec of >+30db.Highly recommend this active amplifier to correct weak internet signals that are within cable company limits. However prior to installing, contact your cable company to insure that existing cable and splitters are within their specs and have them correct any problems on their end. KISS.Notes: Insure that you purchase the BDA-K* ACTIVE Amplifier, NOT the BDA-S* Amplifier as the later only boosts TV and downstream Internet Signals, and may actually degrade the upstream signal. The BDA-K4 active amplifier has 4 output ports, for both Internet modem and TV connections. Connect 75 ohm terminators to any unused ports to maximize signal performance and eliminate noise interference. To insure maximum performance the amplifier should be connected within about 25 feet or less from the single connection coming in from outside the home or Apt. If the incoming cable is, instead, split far down the line, a BDA-K1 single port active amplifier may be better, inserted close to the incoming connection, with the output cable continuing on to the splitters. However the performance of the single port amplifier has not been evaluated.The above measurements were obtained by Comcast and directly by Modem access, entering a URL of [...] into a browser. Most recent modems will provide this information, although the URL may vary depending on the brand modem.

  2. Pyro "train buff" says:

    Terrific solution This booster eliminated all my Comcast problems for cable and internet. Internet signal strength went from -6.2dbm to +9.8dbm. This brought my cable speed up to 17.5mbs, from 3.6mbs. There is now NO pixelation on any TV using direct digital feed, and it eliminated those occasional messages with the convertors that said ” we’ve detected an interrruption in your service, please call….” Would recommend to anyone with signal strength problems.

  3. Brett J. Monroe "BJ Monroe" says:

    Unbelievable! This product did the trick – it fixed all my weak Comcast signal problems throughout my house.Quick and easy to install, dependable… I’d recommend this to anyone who suffers the weak signal blues!